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Annual Inspection

i300 is 'dry solid state' and requires no routine servicing. It does however require an annual inspection. Our service agents, "Zappers", having delivered your bike to your door, will return annually, or as requested, to make a general safety inspection of your vehicle.

In case your i300 does require servicing, or you wish to have maintenance done over and above the annual inspection, a Zapper will come to your door to conduct these activities at your request.

In case your i300 needs repairs, a Zapper will come to your door, and subject to the level of repairs require, will either make the repairs at your door, or return your i300 to us for repairs.

In case you have an accident and your i300 is inoperable, but you are not injured, you may choose to request a Zapper for roadside service, as an alternative to roadside recovery in your area.


Zappers are also qualified to upgrade your i300 with options and accessories at your door. These including changing the fender or seats to a new colour, and all the options listed on our website, at your request.

For any technical questions you might have about Zapp's product or enquiries regarding your order,

please contact:

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